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Thread: New Maps!!!

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    It would be cool if we could incorporate some of the war game maps like the Lake House or St. Marc, what do you guys think?

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  2. de_inferno_ceg3 i didn't play that map, but i want to try is it fun.

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    Dolls/Rats and those big ass crackhouses versions
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    I wonder if maps from Friday the 13th The Game would do well in CSGO.

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    I think we just need new maps in general
    Every Night we just play the same 10 maps with a few uncommon maps in there every so often

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    Any chance we can get cs_assault back?

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    Cs_deagle5 with invis skybox or something to block teleport and nades? I have a feeling this would be denied for similar reasons to de_rats but I've played quite a few years of this map on modded servers and it was always a favorite.

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    I know the server is like torn over adding a Rats map, but maybe we can add one to this list?

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    So it has come to my attention that despite what people say, they don't actually want a diverse map pool. We have a very diverse map pool now. We had three solid maps in the last vote that were not part of the standard rotation, what did the people vote for? Agency. You people like the idea of playing other maps but when it comes down to it, you don't actually vote for different maps. Then bitch all day long about how there isn't enough map diversity. There's probably somewhere in the ballpark of 40-60 maps on the server right now and people keep asking for more to be added to create diversity. The lack of diversity at this point isn't from lack of options, it is from a lack of people wanting to break from the known norms that are the same ten maps that are played all day long. I am done adding maps to this list until people actually start fucking playing the maps on the server. A few months ago I would have agreed that there were a lack of maps on the server, but that is no longer the case. If you people want to play a more diverse map pool, fucking vote for it in-game instead of bitching about the only maps that do get voted for.

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    Hes finally reached the point that everyone who edits maps and adds maps reaches. There is no pleasing this community ever, you just have to deal with it and tell people to shut up. At least you're trying.



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