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    Server crash on map change

    Unlike what others reported, this is not map specific. Half the server crashed when we went to cbble, then half crashed again when we switched next map to dust. I usually dont crash from this kind of stuff but switching to dust CTD me.

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    In my experience, switching off of the new cbble crashes my game without exception, and my game never crashed before the introduction of the new maps.

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    Generally CTD is game related not mod related. I have noticed more updates for csgo recently. I wonder if they forgot to cross a T or dot an I lol.

    Although it is odd that its only those 2 maps. You should check event viewer under application and see what it says.
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    I had a full crash yo desktop as well with both maps, but I'd be shocked if it is purely map error. Only reason he said those two is cause those two were the only two he experienced it on during his limited play time, bet there are other maps that have full crashes. I should make note it wasnt regular Cbble but the one with open roof access

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    Full crash outs on the weird Cbble and full crash outs on weird Inferno, absolutely demolished server pop

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    Inferno_ceg2 was left on by accident. There is inferno_ceg4, which is the pre-updated inferno (older one was also crashing the server - the actual stock map) - this is the 2018 version now. I will work on finding a new cbble.

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    Well we have stock cbble and css cbbl, its whatever that rooftop one was causing the issues with everyone. I think we're fine as long as that one is gone.

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    The Inferno one was the rooftop one too, not sure if that is 2 or 3

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    I believe the cause of this was the method I was using to set the next map, not the actual maps themselves. I have altered this and hope it resolves the issues. I will push the update in the next hour.

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    Crash today at 3:30 PM PST
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