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    Reputation races

    Hey guys I just read a post by Impactyy I believe and it was a question i've had for a while,

    Why can't we see the reputation races and their requirements using reprace, and since we can't- how may I read about reputation races?

    I would like to see it show the same way we see donor races, if that's possible ^^ I apologize if there's already a way to see all these races, I tried asking in-game a few times, but couldn't get an answer

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    Each rep race is at a 50 increment for rep. If you want the specifics, they have only been posted in the announcements from JT. They've been slowly released over time so they're across a few different updates.

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    You can type rfo racename so rfo shotgun would bring you to the first rep race, then just scroll through with next/prev. Each next is +50 rep

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    This has been fixed as of now !

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    yay, rep races......

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    If reputation had a cash price, how much would it be worth? Are the races worth buying or trying to get rep?

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    Doesn't take too long, just post. As long as you're not a huge twat or idiot you'll get there in no time

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    Then how do you have 500 rep your an ass

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    If you have to ask, its too much for you
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    I ask because 50 cents per rep might entice me to buy some if I'm close to the next race. Probably would say no to a dollar though.. Unless I only needed a couple points.

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