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    Suggestion: Respawn Popup to prevent AFK from respawning

    Hey everyone,

    I've been playing quite a few races that respawn people when I kill or when I die (seraph, ritualist). There are many more races that do this. What usually happens is that somebody respawns that is grabbing a cup of coffee or maybe alt tabbed out. This causes some delay (as we have to guide people to spawn) and also makes the person respawning have less potential of getting assist xp. I have thought about a solution for this.

    What if we showed a pop up or ask for a checkword in chat that people can respond to (dead people). This would have about 5 seconds of reaction time, and then would randomly choose set amount of players (depending on the ability). To prevent multiple pop ups/messages overlapping, you could add these respawns procs to a global timer of 10 seconds orso, and add them to a pool of respawns.

    For instance:

    I die as ritualist, my ability procs:

    5 seconds start to respond.

    During this time, a seraph also kills somebody and his ability procs, this could either a) be added to my proc, or b) delayed by 10 seconds. If another such ability procs it could be added on top of the seraphs respawn, so I would choose 2 people instead of just 1.

    Possible issues:

    People could time the delay and make sure that they are in spawn to instantly kill the revived player(s)

    Thoughts and suggestions?
    (sorry for bad wording! )
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