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    Quick Update 5/4

    • Magician won't be able to deal damage while invis from it's ultimate (will lose invis too)
    • Other race invis work again
    • Shadow Stalker now has tracers when it fires - may make the race crap, I can adjust - was an attempt to make it a bit more fair with the overall invis issues on the weapon

    murdoc +REP   

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    Since magician loses its DMG while invisible, it should not be thrown in the air in my opinion. It will be used as a escape mechanism now.

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    And why is that bad? I am confused. The race isn't crazy OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshtrav View Post
    And why is that bad? I am confused. The race isn't crazy OP.
    I guess in my opinion, being thrown in the air is a disadvantage while going invisible for magician. So removing it will help offset the loss of damage. In my opinion.

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    I think its fine still getting thrown, I hated it when I needed to actually aim and deal damage since it was random. If it cant do damage then the ultimate is designed to be an escape mechanism, I think it should stay.

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    that change should be fine and will be more fair thanks for the update jt
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