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    Angry Rampant cheating

    I'm pretty sure the regulars here are pretty sick of this stupid shit. There's a crazy amount of hacking going on from this new account pieces of shit logging in, b-hoppin 1 shotting everyone and then logging off. It seems like there's never any admins around and they're gone before anyone can do shit about it. Is this the end of CSGO? Since it's free these asswipes are just making account after account.

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    Feel free to grab a clip and submit it. It's not very realistic to expect an admin on every second of the day.
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    Yeah he is busy being at home being a family man.

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    I appreciate the sentiment, but so what? I don't find anything useful about the post. How about "cheating is getting out of hand, I think we should look for more admins. Since I am on all the time and witness this first hand, I feel like X and Y are solid admin choices for these time frames."

    Not rocket science. Learn to provide a solution with your proposal, otherwise you are just a whiner that everyone is going to ignore.



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