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    Transfer Subscription & Levels to New Account


    I would like to know if there is any way to transfer my old account subscription to my new steam account. Is there a way to transfer all my levels and experience from CSS & CSGO to my new steam account?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Sounds shady AF

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    If you're donator, link both steam accounts so JT can do the transferring. Dont expect us not to absolutely judge you if you're swapping accounts because a VAC ban or something.

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    Alright, so i link both accounts and just tell him my usernames? I was never vac banned, but my steam account got hacked and made a fraudulent purchase. Steam was able to clear my account but told me to make a new account so that i could make purchases again. Steam transferred everything over, but told me there was nothing they could do about in game items. Which is why i asked if anything could be transferred. I played this server for years, close to maxing everything out on CSS but never played CS:GO. I was never vac banned on this server or any server as far as i am aware.

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    I swapped them on both servers. Your donor is already active on this account, so nothing to change in that area.

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    Thank You Very Much. I will update when I am able to verify. Not around my PC at the moment. Thanks for taking the time and looking into this for me.

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    Everything seems to be back in working order. Thank You so Much!!!



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