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Thread: MM Ranks

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    MM Ranks

    I want to know what ranks most of you guys were before or if you still play Competetive
    Since I do know a lot of since quit playing and instead chose Warcraft over it

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    I don't play much comp so usually it'll derank me to silver elite. I usually obtain gold nova master or mg1 before I stop playing and get deranked. It seems the more comp you play the higher your rank, simply being good doesn't rank you fast if you don't play a lot of matches often.

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    Like within the first year I was DMG. I stopped liking due to how dumb people were even at DMG level. Now there's too many hackers and the only decent way to play comp is ESEA. Or I think faceit is okay if you're European. I play Rainbow 6 if I want to play plant/defuse type maps.
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    heh I think I've only played ~30-40 competitive games, all before 2014, but I think the highest I've been was the double golden aks.

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    They deranked everyone in 2016 or so and made it a little harder.

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    Before the reset the highest I got was LEM. These days I dont play comp very often at all, last time I was playing I got to like gold 4. Its been probably close to a year since I've played MM. I have less than probably 60-70 games total.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevomanevo View Post
    They deranked everyone in 2016 or so and made it a little harder.
    Completely forgot that happened makes sense now

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    Highest I got was MG2 and then realized comp is fun when you don't take it seriously

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    Highest was MGE. I haven't played comp in a while since i dont find it as fun since there are way too many toxic people.

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