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Thread: UNSC Spartan

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    UNSC Spartan

    Race Name: UNSC Spartan

    Your In-Game-Name: CEGamer | King Swank

    Today's Date: 5/22/2019

    Your Steamid:

    Number of skills: 4

    Name and description of each skill

    Skill 1 : MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, Max Level:5, Adds +10 hp and +20 armor per level.
    Skill 2 : Leg Augmentations, Max Level:5, Lowers your gravity per level (Think Halo jumping at max level)
    Skill 3 : M9 Frag Grenade, Max Level:5, Spawn with a frag grenade, higher levels = more grenades received (Max 3 or 4)
    Skill 4 (Ability1) : Shotty Snipers, Max Level:5, Switch between a Scout sniper rifle and a Nova shotgun with ability1. Higher levels = shorter cooldown

    Limited to SSG Scout Rifle, Nova Shotgun, and knife only (Maybe a p2000 as well, need thoughts).

    A fairly simple race from a technical standpoint. I think it would just be a copy and paste job considering all of the skills are already in the game and you'd just have to change some variables. I'd appreciate any constructive criticisms, especially if you think something might be overpowered.

    Also, this is my first post on the forums, so I apologize if I did anything incorrectly.

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    Lmao you can close out this thread because it was already done. Sorry for being stupid and not looking first, the server was down at the time.



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