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    Ninja/Genji, Race idea

    Prob can be improved but, thinking
    Knife Only race called Ninja or Genji

    Abilities like

    Left click throws Ninja Stars/knives (Left click damage or a bit lower of too OP), can be either built in passive or increased range per rank.

    Swift Foot : 1.3 movespeed, but silent footsteps (Like a ninja) - 1.1/1.2/1.25/1.3 Speed at max footsteps are silent

    Evade+Mirror : To simulate Deflection

    Double Jump : (Basically the ability to leap again in air like "The hunter" Drace

    Ultimate : Dashing forward at speed - Dealing 10/20/30/40 Damage to all Enemies you make contact with During the dash

    Not my best idea but think itd be fun race with the right balance, and maybe with some input that is better than mine, Just like to try get ball rolling, Was thinking this as a new Donater race

    KingSwank +REP   

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    This is basically Cloud Strife but far weaker since CLoud gets an option to Throw the knife as well. i forget how strong the throw is though. imo and unless you play with Voice enable 0 its nearly impossible to hear footsteps anyway.

    I think to make it better you could make the Movespeed faster maybe like 1.6 since its a fully visible class.
    and for the ultimate maybe deal damage in a area around you for who you dash by since i think the purpose of your ult is to hit multiple people.

    KingSwank +REP   

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    Throwing based races, especially knife, are usually not very good unless you make them severely op like Skill Shot. The max damage throwing knife a race does currently is 12, they are near impossible to land as its so small and people move around so quick. They're cool ideas but throwing knives are far too hard to land to make them effective.

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    Make throw explosive barrels. Good damage and you cant miss

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    Sounds pretty decent.

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    Yeah i was thinking only low speed because i thought 1.6 + No footsteps would be crazy op

    Was also thinking maybe a bit of invis similar to flame preds or something



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