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    SWG was definitely one of my favorite games. Used to be a huge Star Wars nerd so playing a mmo in the giant universe was awesome. Shame SoE shut it down.

    These days I cant really name a favorite game. No games hold my attention anymore, can only play WoW for a few weeks out of the new xpacs before they just get extremely boring to me. Also dont have as much time to grind the game anymore. Really any of Valve's games are great and high up on my list though, HL2 definitely one of the best games i.m.o.

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    Well Coke, PSO2 is coming out with american servers in spring 2020, you can always look forward to that. As of now you can take a look at Albion Online (Kinda plays like a MOBA, market-based economy, heavily PvP oriented)
    Post Edit: Elite: Dangerous is a pretty good spaceship combat MMO as well. I enjoy it a lot, and if you're just getting into it I can help boost you a bit to get you in a good starter ship faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coke403 View Post
    SWG was an amazing game i personally loved it i played private servers for a long time but since they dont last that long you just keep starting over so now its time to find a new MMORPG any recommendations?
    If you want to keep it in the Star Wars universe, SW The Old Republic is cool and you can play like up to level 50 for free.

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    WoW or old Call of Duty and Bethesda games.
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    Hard for me to find a game I DON'T like. Sure there are some I like better than others, but generally I like most of them; not very discerning I guess.

    Some favs: Max Payne 2, BF 1942, Anarchy Online, Final Fantasy 7(maybe 10), Half-Life 2, CSGO Warcraft mod

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    CSGO-Fallout76-Quake Champions-League of Legends are games I currently play. I will overwatch, pubg, or dota if someone really wants. Divinity original sin 2 is great but I ended up stopping because of a glitch not knowing it was a glitch, had me stuck for a while. Glad to see people still play WoW. I have a full account of level 70-90 characters on one server called skullcrusher but usually after a month or two of not playing I end my membership. I don't play PoE because it seems a little unbalanced with too many things being severely over and under powered. If I ever had to give up internet I'd be playing Diablo2 as well.

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    When i was a kid, Timesplitters 2!

    Probably, the Battlefield games for my FPS

    CS Source a decade ago was my most played game

    MMO was WoW for about 12 Years but i refuse to go back to it anymore xD

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    100% Bully Played through that game 8 times total 4 times on xbox 360 once on ps2 twice on the wii and once on PC endless fun
    Or GMOD cause it was my first PC Game and introduced me into the PC Gaming world have well over 4k hours on that shit

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    Bought Divinity: Original Sin 2 over the Steam Summer Sale, and I HAVE to add that game to this list. Such a masterpiece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingSwank View Post
    Bought Divinity: Original Sin 2 over the Steam Summer Sale, and I HAVE to add that game to this list. Such a masterpiece.
    A few hours into the game I got stuck for a couple hours on the same quest so I gave up. Two weeks later I saw a bug fix that the door doesn't open for some people. I ended up wasting a couple hours on something that wasn't supposed to take any time but I would still rate the game 4/5. The best part about the game is since it's turn based you are never forced to play the game. If at any point you want to go throw a pizza in the oven you could just leave the computer and nothing bad will happen.



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