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    EarthBound is my favorite game of all time. I'd be here all day listing all of my favorite games, so I'll leave it at that.

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    1.) Fallout genre.. minus the Abortion called Fallout 76, they could have done soo much with multiplayer fallout76 game and it ended up turning into server hoppers for farming. No one would stay put and "groom" a world.

    2.) SWG

    3.) modded minecraft.. XD

    Old Ode..

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevomanevo View Post
    A few hours into the game I got stuck for a couple hours on the same quest so I gave up. Two weeks later I saw a bug fix that the door doesn't open for some people. I ended up wasting a couple hours on something that wasn't supposed to take any time but I would still rate the game 4/5. The best part about the game is since it's turn based you are never forced to play the game. If at any point you want to go throw a pizza in the oven you could just leave the computer and nothing bad will happen.
    Haha yes that is actually one of my favorite parts of the game. I constantly get up and down from my pc so it's nice to know that I won't come back to death. As for bugs, I haven't noticed any yet, but that really sucks. There's been a couple spots where I've gotten stuck but it's usually because of some sort of puzzle mechanic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurtydwarf View Post
    ...Really any of Valve's games are great and high up on my list though...
    We don't talk about that one game.

    Hours played, gotta be DoTA 2. Still play it pretty often.

    When I get the itch or find a league interesting, PoE is great. Didn't play last two leagues though. I grew up on Diablo 2 and sometimes still play a slightly modded version called Path of Diablo.

    Old School RuneScape.. Not currently playing, I love me a numbers going up mindless grind.

    CSS and CSGO, loved source growing up. Recently got into GO.

    Oh, Escape from Tarkov too. Closed beta atm, pretty buggy, lot of fun though.
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    honsetly would have to be hands down the fallout series

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    My childhood consisted mostly of Halo 3 and Halo Reach. I saved $300 in 5th grade just to buy an Xbox. Also the Red vs Blue series by Rooster Teeth was the best!
    I need money for college...

  7. Kotor 1 and 2 were great games that i played a lot

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    I remember buying KOTOR on my iPhone to play during a long plan ride. Such an amazing game, even on a phone.

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