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    What are some of your favorite video games of all time?

    Had to make the title broad because I can't even just think of one. Resident Evil 4 and Battlefield 3 are the first two to come to mind for me.

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    fav. video game has to be star wars galaxies it was an amazing MMORPG before it went down

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    Crying in the shower.

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    Also Yakuza, and God Hand

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    Diablo 2 would probably be my top pick, then Swat 4, Warcraft 3, Hunt Showdown, Evolve, etc etc etc...

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    ooh diablo 2 was fun as hell as well currently im loving dauntless already at the final boss

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    Yea, I've been playing Monster Hunter World and love it as well, but I'm playing it along with a friend and I'm not playing it unless it's with them.
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    I still play SWAT 4 to this day haha bought it off GoG. I never got to play SW Galaxies but the concept looked interesting af.

    Also crying in the shower = max efficiency

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    SWG was an amazing game i personally loved it i played private servers for a long time but since they dont last that long you just keep starting over so now its time to find a new MMORPG any recommendations?

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    i personally prefer playing World of Warcraft or Insurgency

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