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    Any good mobile games you guys play?

    The only one I play is Summoners Wars. Kinda kills my battery but it's alright. How bout you all?

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    auto chess, dota overlords, brawl stars, clash royale
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    The only mobile games I ever really play are solitaire, word search, and infectonator. I dont find mobile games all that fun, usually just sit on twitter and ifunny in my free time on my phone.

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    Yeah I sometimes wish I never started summoners war. It started with having to log in every day to get the daily rewards, which get better every day you don't miss a log in for 30 days. Now I have to do two guild battles a day on top of that. It's beginning to feel more like an obligation than something fun.

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    Those kinds of games typically either want you to spend all your waking hours playing it to get stuff or just drop bank and p2w. Partially why I cant stand mobile games.

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    oh if u want mobile games you obviously must be waiting for diablo immortal....

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    ooo i wasn't.. but now i am lol

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    I've been playing a game called Warriors of Waterdeep lately. Pretty decent.

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    Clash Royale is the only mobile game I've gotten into.

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    Brawl Stars is a great and simple MOBA, easy 3-minute matches. Clash of Clans if you're into long term types of strategy games. Archero is another simple game if you're short on time. It's essentially a simple top-view dungeon crawler based on RNG acquired perks.

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