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    Smile D2 Looking for challenge? (Diablo 2 Median XL)

    So I have stumbled upon a Diablo 2 overhaul mod a couple years back that is still worked on to this day and it is amazing.

    Base features:

    - Revamped Skills
    - New items
    - Endgame quests
    - New areas to discover
    - Crafting System
    - Quality of Life
    - Online community and events

    if enough people are interested I will pick this up again and play with you my steam id is Frostwreck420

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    Looks like I am not the only one still playing Diablo!. I have started playing it a few months ago, but I could not find the password for my old profile. I was mad about it because I was leveled up, and it would be much easier to play. I had to start from the beginning, but it's easier now, you can buy d2 runes online for good price. It is a great little boost to your profile, and I love that we have that option now. You can do that for a lot of games, and a few years ago I would never do that. I was a passionate gamer, who spent a lot of time playing, now there's just not enough time for that.
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    Yeah it's a great game

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    Same, I still play this games

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    MedianXL was a good one, Voidstone was the last one i played, still have it installed. Might be worth a look for some. Saving myself for d4 tho so ive put the rest to pasture.

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    Looks like I am not the only one still playing Diablo!



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