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Thread: Rep Races?

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    Cool Rep Races?

    I've been getting my ass kicked by "suck my nuts" with his Shotgun Stryker race. How does one acquire the 50 Rep needed to unlock the race? Just wanna give the race a try!

    Anuanu +REP   

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    You come to the forums and participate in threads and people will uprep you if your post is worthwhile or downrep if its not. Some people will also uprep/downrep if they like/hate you. The best thing to do is not ask for rep.

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    +rep this guy deserves his chance

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    Thanks, makes sense now! Someone mentioned that it somehow involved the forums.

    Capn.Crunch_Headass +REP    ratpatrol +REP   

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    You come to the dead forums, wipe off the cobwebs, and post, hoping that the 3 people with enough rep altering power to make a difference decide to upvote you.

    ratpatrol -REP   

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    I have a suggestion: Some way in game to give a player a "thumbs up." Get enough and you can come to the forums to claim a rep point. Still gets people to the forum, but also gives a way in game to earn rep.



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