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Thread: Gordon Ramsay

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    Gordon Ramsay

    Race Name: Gordon Ramsay

    Your In-Game-Name: CEGamer | King Swank

    Today's Date: 8/1/2019

    Your Steamid:

    Number of skills: 5

    Levels per skill: 6

    Name and description of each skill

    Skill 1: Pure Colombian - The purity of your stash gives you a huge boost to your ability. Gain up to 1.4 speed. Slight high jump.
    Skill 2: This Chicken is RAW!: This is bloodier than Ginger's beard! Up to 25% to bleed target on hit, causing them to take 2 damage per second for 5 seconds.
    Skill 3: Cannibal Cuisine: Tastes like pork. Gain up to 25 health on kills.
    Skill 4, Ability 1: Idiot Sandwich - WHAT ARE YOU?! A free sandwich, can't choke at max level. (The idiot sandwich sound clip would be fucking amazing.)
    Skill 5, Ultimate: Sharpened - Always keep your knife sharp. Pause for 2 seconds, after those 2 seconds gain up to 2x knife damage for 7 seconds.

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    I'd use that race
    I need money for college...



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