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    no, Meit_Grigori of course that doesnt happen everyday, but when it does you are one of those who doesnt care, calling it not lethal or whatever doesnt help. beeing quiet about is a as bad.
    and why you even post this here now? i mean you were on the server for days, and everytime a new player came on you tried to convinced them how bad i am and they should vote against me, like you did with rellex and dez. so why would you reply to this post here???, you wrote yourself is wrong of me to do such a post.. so why reply to it????

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    Actually I asked those who knew you to go vote and they did, but it is okay Lhipeix you behavior is clearly perfect and you should be handed admin. I could request those players voice their opinion of you in that thread instead of vocally like they did with me, like several more have done with me, and ask all of them to post. So far you've gotten you're chill one minute and than a complete and utter twatsicle hothead the next. Keep the thread on topic kid and stop being butthurt that I gathered info on whether or not people would perceive you as a good admin.

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    Personally the server has pretty much been a whatever goes server. There is a player mute function in csgo for a reason. If you don’t like what someone says then mute them. It’s a couple of quick clicks of the mouse. For example I don’t care to listen to ex so I mute him right when he logs in. Now both of us are happy and can play peacefully

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meit_Grigori View Post
    When I was on with Catharsis (Arc) I dont really recall him saying anything like that at all, but as for Lethal I don't think I have seen him yet. Honestly I will never care about stuff like that cause you can just mute it. There are is a player I pretty much instantly mute the moment they show cause of it, but other than that no need to ban. Don't enjoy it, mute it and never hear it again.
    You were literally on when it happened. It's like all you do is go on the forums to contradict me. It's batshit.

    And no, you can't mute someone typing in chat. An admin can gag him, but that's it.

    Which is what Arc does when he realizes you stop replying or at least reacting to him in voice. On top of that, you certainly can't mute the server votebanning you for no reason.

    It's like you don't see the problem at all.

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    Ratpatrol, i think its your job to do something against racism and not advice people to mute those players if they dont like what they hear.
    also i think its not ok to voteban people for no reason.

    also, if people just register, to downvote me, thats just.. wow, and also that those people are the ones who started the whole voteban thing the other day, and are pissed that i complained about it.
    as i see, people should only be able to vote after a few posts and some time.

    and here are some screenshots
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durban View Post
    You were literally on when it happened. It's like all you do is go on the forums to contradict me. It's batshit.

    And no, you can't mute someone typing in chat. An admin can gag him, but that's it.

    Which is what Arc does when he realizes you stop replying or at least reacting to him in voice. On top of that, you certainly can't mute the server votebanning you for no reason.

    It's like you don't see the problem at all.
    Muting them via the ingame option mutes their text so you are clearly doing something wrong, try again.

    The time you're talking about is several days after the post date, so once more try again.

    How you're such a child unwilling or unable to put on your big boy pants to ignore something you dislike is baffling to me. Welcome to the world of grown ups where you will hear or see shit that conflicts with your morals or ideals. You have the take the steps for YOU to ignore it. Not that hard bub, so time to grow up.

    Lhipeix stop showing how upset people didn't think you would be fit for admin. Several players I talked to I requested them to vote in it cause otherwise it would take 10 years for a vote to be passed, didnt matter if they voted yes or no to me, but you took it so personally in a laughable way. Your tone since has made it clear an adequate choice was made if this is how you will continue to behave over people disapproving of you.

    Those images over their profile icon shows that I can't see or hear em. Tested it on Cnote and couldn't see shit, so yeah...
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    MEIT i think its amazing how u think u can judge people, that it matters so much what you think.
    i hear you every day blabbering on voicechat, non stop. you have such a need of being heard. its amazing...
    saying that YOU wanna see that and this
    that YOU think things are ok or not, not a single second can you put yourselfs in other people. you say to others grow up. what gives you then the right to say what is the grown up world?

    the passion you showed to collect votes against me, this passion you should bring on to support other people, be a better version of yourself, cause all i can say is : i rarely met someone as arrogant with such a lack of selfreflection...

    i was on, on a different name, and kept listening to you guys, kept listening to you. and dude i dont care about being an admin, i dont have this need to be heard, but i fight against injustice, i do that everyday in my life.

    for me this battle between us is over. but i wanna be the bigger men. so, sorry for whatever i did to you to upset you, lets just burry it and be able to say hi when one joins to the server.
    have a good day

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    Actually some people went and voted for you too, but k angry man. Keep on going about how it is purely personal. Yeah I dont like you, I think youre an angry hypocritical conceited new twat that thinks their shit don't stink. I know what I am bub, I have no problem saying I am an asshole. I keep you muted now cause I don't want to hear you incessantly crying about this or that, youve been muted for roughly a week or so and man is it nice not hearing you bitch and moan but turn around and do some shit you moan about.

    So yeah I am going to make sure we get an admin that would actually be a good fit to the community that I have been part of for 6 years now. So again sorry most of the people I asked who played with you more often than me thought negatively of you, cause hot damn you are taking it way too personally and boy is it sad. If you were as great and mighty as you try attempt to come across maybe you wouldn't of had 9 no votes, one by Ratpatrol himself which speaks volumes, before even hitting 5 yes votes. Didnt need to "convince" these players of you being "bad" since they were the ones who told me of your behavior which you have shown in plenty. I asked em what they thought of you and if you'd be a good fit, you continue to show that you aren't by how upset you are with it and how you attempt to decry the vote as people just registering to downvote you. Nobody "just registered" to downvote you so just stop it. Get off this high horse you want to keep riding buddy and practice what you preach and take a hard look at yourself. Now take your whining and hypocrisy elsewhere cause now you're just being pathetic. Oh btw of the 9 no votes you got only 2 are newer players, the rest are players who have been here for over a year and 2 are admins. Of them 2 I personally talked to in depth 1 on 1 of their opinion, with 1 yes when I requested those who know you to vote. So yes I TOTALLY am the reason you got 9 no votes.
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    for that u dont care u explain yourself alot

    u know, what was funny, first time ever we talked, u said, i think you dont fit as an admin, cause u dont have 20 MEANINGFULL posts, then we argued about that and started to dislike me, cause never have we talked before

    2 days later u join and started oh Lhipeix ive heard u are agressive. so i think u should not become admin.. and yes of course i dont take that

    high horse? think about what person u wanna be.. high horse? someone who listens what others say, or get the proof yourself!? never have i been agressive. once i got upset, but hey that can hapen..

    and ratpatrol is the worst admin i ever saw. he mutes people because they open theyre mouth, he's not helpfull and rude. you two fit perfect together

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    When the server decides overt rascism is wrong I will enforce it. I really don't see or hear much of it anyways. As far as I mute people because they open their mouths goes I do. As in I playerlist mute them not admin mute them. Thats my right and I exercise it. I don't abuse my admin powers and mute people I dislike lol. As for wrongful vote bans yes they need to stop doing it. Thats only to be used for overt hackers. I guess I'll adress the I'm rude portion of your statement. Yep I am, mostly to douches.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.



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