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    Admin Application Kotaj4ck

    Forum Name: Kotaj4ck
    In-Game Name: Kotaj4ck
    SteamID or link to gameME stats page: STEAM_0:1:429912192

    I'm a married 30 year old, I have 3 sons as most of you know.
    I'm a retail butcher from florida.
    I was an admin of a COD united offensive server in the early 2000's for the MSO clan for 3 years.
    My real name is Jared Tyler, so i also go by JT IRL. I thought that was funny

    Reason you would be a good admin:
    I'm fair.
    I don't get emotional.
    I have kids, so i have no problem enforcing rules.
    I respect the rules of the server.
    I play during early morning hours on my days off (eastern time tuesdays and fridays)
    During work days i play anytime after 4pm
    I want this server to live on and succeed.
    I want to be a part of this team.


    Jared (Kotaj4ck)

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    Kota is actually one of the few players that is highly laid back from what I've seen so far and rather pleasant person to joke around with. Other than that all I have to say is get some more posts going around Kota, the requirement is 20 helpful ones, before you'll secure a definite vote from me.

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    Poll added.

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    ill do better posting meit. thanks for the tip. ill make a couple discussions.

    edit: DONE
    Last edited by Kotaj4ck; 10-13-2019 at 03:29 PM.

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    Kota is a level headed player who i have seen being helpful to people in the server recently. He gets a yes from me.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

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    Does a vote for yourself count towards the total Kota? Lol

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    I'd be down for it, the guy is good people and has a good temperament for both the new and old players. +1

    Kotaj4ck +REP   

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    Kota is a dad and that says a lot already. If he can take care of kids, he can take care of a bunch of us babies on a CS Server.

    Kotaj4ck +REP   

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    Hey Meit, a vote is a vote. lol
    you would do it.

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    I appreciate the love guys. I hope to help the server.



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