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    Bahamut money on hit

    Not exactly a bug per se, but because the 32k cap, the game doesnt recognize the money on hit when you have anything over 16k making it relatively useless as you never get bank xp or anything for it.

    This same thing happens on money steal races, they still think 16k is the cap and anything over that you'll get bank xp if you steal money rather than waiting for the 32k cap to steal.

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    We should test this more. I set all the code to handle csgo's mp_maxmoney var, which should be 32000 in server. I checked the code and it all uses it for max value. (the in-game setting, I mean)

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    I even dropped my money to below 16k during dm to make sure, I was getting confused at constantly receiving 0, noticed I was at 32k, bought a 500xp to drop to 16k, still 0, dropped further and it started working.

    As for money steal races I can do some more testing with those to be sure. Last time I had played them this was the case though.

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    Yea, let me know. That is no fun. It may mean the variable isn't working as it use to, or I could have goofed up the spelling of it in the code, lol.

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    The race was coded to use the earn cash function, not steal. Regardless, I altered the earn cash to also give bank xp, but replaced it with the steal cash for this race. Will push in next update.



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