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    Honestly as much as I'd love to pick over this race and put care into reading it I seriously can't. We have an absurd backlog of races to be approved, priced, etc etc etc. So even with the advent of a new idea we have none of the ones prior approved, disapproved, or priced and that ultimately means what is the point of even proceeding further forward with new ones? Like what is even the approval process anymore? Cause I mean fuck the Dev group is basically completely dead and can't get any fresh blood in cause, oh look, nobody gets approved cause all the dead people in it.

    Honestly I get it JT is a busy man with his family and such, but maybe just put off on posts like this until he can actually say "hey I have time to dick around with this type of stuff?" or maybe just give us some cookie cutter races of previous ones to keep players interested?
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    Thanks meit very informative as always.
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    Thanks meit very informative as always.
    Can't see what you linked 4Weird



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