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  1. Which exciting games should i try this February?

    Hello friends,
    I am going on a vacation in the last week of February, and looking for a few game suggestion that i can play during that week.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Depends, internet or no internet? What genre of games do you like?

    I've been getting a ton of time out of the RE2 remake, doing all the ranks and unlocking everything. Metro Exodus was great i.m.o, worth a few play throughs doing different styles. Can always fall back to some RPGs like skyrim, fallout.

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    When I am not playing CS, I like to play Hell Let Loose. Its a realistic World War 2 sim.

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    Metal Gear solid, u might know it already, but still, always fun to start again.
    enjoy ur holidays

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    I'd suggest picking up an oculus quest them shits are fucking worth worth. It's a vr headset that is completely wireless and super portable doesnt need wifi once the games are dl'd.

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    Will anyone play the new Mafia remastered game?

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    Cyberpunk 2077 looks pretty good right now. Coming out soon...

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    pretty sure OP is a bot too lol

    Yea I hope cyberpunk is decent.. "we wont rush our devs to deliver to a deadline" ..."ok we lied" has me worried.

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    Dude these BOTS are reviving the forums LMAO.

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    Depends, internet or no internet? What genre of games do you like?



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