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    Cool Talk Nerdy To Me..


    My name is Elliott and I've been playing WCS since JYD was a thing. It was one winter day when I was 8 years old. I played Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne and CS and on a wild hair I searched "Warcraft" into my browser on CS. That is how I feel in love with this mod. I am born and raised in NY, and have 2 kids. My previous clan was Syndicate Gamers. I hope we can all be friends and enjoy lifes journey.

    I also enjoy playing Path of Exile and other misc games. I do stream on Twitch and I am a graphic designer. If anyone needs anything done graphic wise (I saw the subforum for it, so i'll look there but wanted to include in my intro) i can help you.


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    Very happy to have a new seemingly regular player, I always notice you on when I log on! Look forward to playing more man, welcome!
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    Welcome to the forums. Your steam profile pic ain't right.



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