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    Post Admin Application Billy the Kidd

    Forum Name: RadishEater
    In-Game Name: Billy the Kidd
    SteamID or link to gameME stats page: STEAM_1:1:35093281

    32 year old engineer living in Geneva, CH

    Reason you would be a good admin:
    I'm a calm, level headed, helpful player who genuinely wants the server to succeed.
    I've been playing here for many years, and want to contribute to keeping the server friendly, fun, and free from hackers.
    I play during EU hours, a time that I think admins are really lacking on this server.
    I try and contribute server improvements, such as the settings menu, and demos for bans on the forums.
    I'd like to continue contributing to this server in a more active role.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Billy the Kidd
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    I think you should play more personally. If it were up to me I'd make a requirement that someone has to average 10-15 days a month to get admin.

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    He's actually been here a long time Stefen and personally he is amazingly chill. He's on rather frequently too more so than than he was prior. Either way got my vote

    Curryman +REP   

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    He's been with the server a long time but he actually doesnt play! Are you looking at his session report? Plays between 2-8 days a month with an average of 4 days a month. He's a good guy but please pick someone that plays like 20 days a month not just a few. Our newest admin has logged in 1 hour this year.

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    Who gives a fuck honestly dude, we have admins that come on and do nothing all day and ones who are super active when they play once a month. Rather have something over nothing ya know. Also this could give him a reason to be on more often

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    Geez Meit! My opinion isn't all that important. If I had to pick between him and you I'd pick him even though I like your jerk ass It'd be nice if we had someone who plays as much as quarantine though (601 entries since 1/1/2018). I know he wouldn't want it but he does play a lot.

  7. Onan best admin

    Curryman +REP   

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    This post has my +1
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    "As I am now I consider myself nothing more than a vessel; a vessel for the hopes of those abandoned in space and for the ideals of Zeon that will light all our paths to freedom. So if that's what the people desire, Char Aznable is who I will be. And that is the reason I wear this mask"

    - Char / Gayguy

    xSlayerx +REP   

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    Poll added to vote.

    stevomanevo +REP    RadishEater +REP   

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    I like this guy. Been around awhile and is chill.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

    Curryman +REP    RadishEater +REP   



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