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Thread: Artorias

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    Poll up.

    Hawaii +REP    Elrichzann +REP    JohnnyBravo +REP    LILLARD2.0 +REP   

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    It's a gonna be a yes from me. He's very active, knowledgeable, helpful and keeps a level head.
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    "I would never be caught with beta canines." -SnugglebuttBlaster 2020

    Elrichzann +REP   

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    Thank you for your faith and kind words, Hawaii
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    "Gay people have no honor, only straight people have honor." - XMETALL, 2020

    Curryman +REP    JohnnyBravo +REP   

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    Hes got my vote. He is a kid who at times gets on my nerves but eh hes all right. BOOMER POWER.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

    Elrichzann +REP    xSlayerx +REP   

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    Upvote for him. He is nice and kind. Also follows rules.
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    A fair face may hide a foul heart.

    Curryman +REP    Elrichzann +REP    xSlayerx +REP    stevomanevo +REP    LILLARD2.0 +REP   

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    yes i can´t just post yes it has to be more than 5 characters, great T-T

    Curryman +REP    Elrichzann +REP    xSlayerx +REP   

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    Dude i've been playing on this server for years. Couldn't think of a better admin. I vote yes for Artorias. Maybe except for .. or maybe even NATURAL. Can we get NaTURal back? Fuck .. @!

    Elrichzann +REP    Curryman +REP   

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    Also why I shouldn't ever be an admin no matter what I say or how much i beg. I will always hate on certain people. Artorias will not. I love NATURAL hate ..

    ratpatrol +REP   

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    If it had any impact, I'd say yes. Calm and funny guy, pretty active on a server. Nice addition to an admin team.
    Type DM to have big pepe.

    Elrichzann +REP    xSlayerx +REP   

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    absolutely yes! great guy!



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