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Thread: The Best Race

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    Talking The Best Race

    What do you guys think is the best race? I am not talking about the most OP race(Phasestalker). What do you think is the most well-constructed race? From the Name all the way down to tiny skill details.

    I think it is Security Exploiter:
    Awesome skill names, in particular the ultimate: Backdoor Exploit
    DDoS: I still remember the first time being hit by the lag. Instantly checked my ping before realizing it was a skill. Amazing how real it felt/still feels.

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    Most well constructed race:
    Probably Wolverine. It’s an amazingly well done concept. Making a knife race with no invisible is difficult but wolverine nails it, also it’s a blast. It’s not too difficult to kill but also possible to maintain a positive kdr

    Most fun race:
    Maybe B-52 or Mind Force. I don’t ever care about my score because those races are just fun to play

    My favorites are probably:
    Radigun, Osama, Mind Force, Wolverine, Subject, B-52, Sinister, Paladin, and GunGame
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    GunGame is my favourite by a lot, keeps it fresh with new guns to fail with.

    I agree Security Exploiter is high up on the "best" list. that ddos is BRUTAL. finally made a bind to buy firewall the other day lol.
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    Probably enjoyed playing Storm Spirit and Radigun the most. Also probably did the best with those two.
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    little bit of extra speed, little bit of extra damage, pretty good anti-knife race, and can also revive teammates.
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    Personally I find the most frustrating to play against on low pop is phasestalker and on high pop grim reaper is a gem. If you don't have doner father time and wishgiver and fun/good races to play. My favorite races are those who primary a gun but can be a secondary knifer due to their extra damage like link and succubus hunter. IMO wish succubus hunter had mastery.

    Hope some of this was useful.

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    Spartan II for me. I once tanked 3 headshots in a row from a Deagle and killed them. I can't remember who it was though. 3, Maybe?

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    you already know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christ View Post
    you already know
    Yes, I know. Christ's favorite race is Starter Race

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    The Best Well Constructed Race: My vote goes to Temple Guardian.
    -Sharpened bullets causing enemies to bleed; -Parry and Riposte to block damage from the front and get extra damage; -Ricochet deflects damage to front and side; -Shield Bash to teleport and stun

    Those characteristics make it great for what it was designed to be. Is it the best race in the game or my favorite? nope, but i think it is the most well constructed race for what it is supposed to be.

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