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    Holliday's capture

    Seems to work about half the time it says that it has captured someone.

    Can it capture the same person twice in a row? I captured someone first round, second it said I captured the same dude, made the sound like I had, but he didn't come. Third no capture. Fourth said I captured someone new but they didn't come. Fifth it worked as normal on a different player. Not totally sure how it's supposed to work but it seems something is off.

    update: had it not work on some new random players, and work on others. I can start pfoing but idk if that matters here with the first case.

    just had it not make the sound, tell me in chat, and teleport them. spicy.

    I think it only does the little square thing when it captures sometimes as well. I'm off the race now
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    Same for me. It says I captured someone but they don't show up sometimes.



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