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    New Player Incentives

    When I was last here there was some discussion on ways to help new players out/adjust to the server so they are more likely to stay and come back. I'm not sure if anything actually was approved or pushed forward, but even if something was done it probably wasn't enough. I'd like to propose some benefits for new players and see what everyone thinks.

    I think the 4 starter races should start at level 20 with points equally distributed among the skills of those races(all skills 5/8 points). So a new player starts at level 80 total, with races that have some skills already allocated so they can jump right in and not be the weakest one on the server. This works great for orc/nightelf/human/undead as they max at 32 so there's still some power and lvls to gain, even starting out with a higher level. This will also give them access to more races at the start and make unlocking the next couple sets quicker. There's tons of races now, I see no reason to not give a brand new player a little level boost.
    Next up as long as their total player level is 120 and below they receive partial donor benefits. The benefits I'm referring to is the extra 2500 a round and a maplong ank, no unlocking of donor races. Since myguns is gone now the extra cash and ank would let them stay well equipped without sacrificing the money used for tomes. A side benefit of doing this would be a potential increase in new players becoming a donor post 120 as well. They might notice the loss of these bonuses at 120 and donate to get them back, on top of all the other good shit donor gives you. I chose 120 as the level to stop as that is when another tier of races opens up and because 120 would be attained by maxing all 4 starter races(tech 128) but close enough.

    With keeping the 120 lvl basis a new player could also receive one free defensive shopmenu item based on which of the 4 starter races they are, human gets water tunic, orc gets Dissipation Array, undead get blast suit, and nightelf get earth tunic.
    Basically, they block against whatever their race does, but would also help against higher level races with those same skills. This shopmenu part, I think is less impactful than the first two suggestions so even I'd throw it under the maybe category.
    Let's see what people think, I personally think all 3 could be implemented, but the first two are most important.
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    I agree that the new player experience could stand to be improved. Warcraft mod has become more niche and esoteric than ever. The new player experience could also benefit from a simple "welcome to warcraft mod" menu that pops up, with a real quick introduction on what exactly the mod is. Hell, I'd even write it. The CSS community is shrinking and the GO community is growing, with that it means you have brand new CS players that aren't familiar with mods at all or how they work, so it's different than it was when the source community was more prevalent.

    As for your ideas, I quite enjoy the first one. Having the first 4 races start at level 20 is a great idea, I think it gives players a better idea right off the bat of what the game will feel like when you're close to maxing your race. I do not so much agree with the partial donor benefits, I think it's important for those to remain things that are given to donors in order to incentivize people to donate. This is the most important part in the benefit of the server, since the server takes so much work to maintain. But, I think there ways around that. PreDominance had a great idea, that I'd like to build on. What we could do is have a system that scales downward the more you gain total levels. This will be mostly granted in bonux XP. For example, when you're under level 120, you gain 40% extra xp, then 30% to 400, then so on until you reach level 1000 and you stop gaining bonus XP. Maybe even just make it a flat rate every round. I also think it's important to understand the intimidation that can come with not being able to even get kills when you're new to the game or even the server. Source was a lot more forgiving in gameplay, so obtaining XP was not as difficult. GO, on the other hand is much more difficult and requires a lot of precision and skill. Now while I commend the people who are good at this game, and I understand why they take pride in it, I also do not condone the elitist behavior of people who are good but also trash talk people who aren't good or are new. I think players with low KDR's should be granted handicaps, or crutch's. This can come in the form of extra money, extra xp when they kill, free guns or shopmenu items, or even increased skill chances.

    The learning curve for the server is huge. For people who seek it out because they know what they want, they don't need as much help learning, but I think the biggest achievement we can make as a server is finding ways to retain brand new players who don't understand the mod or are unfamiliar with it. I like your ideas DD, and I think this discussion truly is a step in the right direction. I think more people than ever are playing right now, and this is a great opportunity to try and revive the community to something that's closer to how it was just a few years ago.
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    One of the ideas behind the partial donor benefits is to let them experience having a couple of the nice things donor get but without giving them donor. This way they get a taste of the extra and are more likely to want it back and thus increase the number of donors.
    It's like a free sample at a store, try a small amount before you buy. Donor things should absolutely be kept as such but a new player having 40 levels(remember they would start at 80) of ank and money shouldn't be detrimental to people donating. I like the idea of scaling xp bonus as well, honestly all these could be implemented and I don't think it would affect the regular players at all, nothing but letting new people have an easier go at the chaos of wcs.

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    up to 30 days (Or any number that's sensible) free Donor as a preview if they type in something like "!vip" only usable one time with accounts created after a certain time...

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    The real and only cure is eliminate the douches. Of course then you would be gone. Since that’s not going to happen I say your ideas at least attempt to level the playing field for them when douches like you are present. And their always present. Nice attempt but it falls short of the true solution. It’s real fun to log in to GO, join a Warcraft server only to have a Santa nade hit you in the face in spawn. Then the next couple rounds they die to some other OP race whore douche. Only sadists like myself stay for more of that garbage. Figure it out douches, your bad for the server.! Until then your putting a band aid on an amputation. Keep trying douches, keep failing.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

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    Rat, almost all the people you label as douches are donors. I bet if every "douche" disappeared the server would die immediately. Not just financially, but player pop as well as they are also as you said
    Quote Originally Posted by ratpatrol View Post
    And their always present.
    The people you don't like that are "killing the server" are also the servers most regular and consistent players/customers. And nice try? yeah it's exactly that a try to grow new players. You could have brought up this subject YEARS ago, but you didn't. Because all you care about is people being "douches" AND THAT'S IT.
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    Hmmm that fact may or may not be true. Either way changes nothing. Money doesn’t change whether something is right or wrong. Lol keep trying to justify though, it does amuse me.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

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    LOL man talking about right and wrong like it isn't subjective, you have a very narrow perspective rat, keep stubbornly sitting on your salt mountain.

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    Yeah. I agree on DD's idea of giving 20 on each starter races as it gives some boost and reduce a steep learning curve. I do agree one shopmenu item for free on new players on starter races also would introduce some idea about shopmenu item.
    But I as Mango mentioned, we would need to pop up a menu or some sort to explain to them since it is hard to access information as a new player. The implement can go waste or takes longer than we want for new players to adjust if there are not much of explanations about the benefits and WCS aspecst when they join and play the server.

    In addition, XP gain scaling would be good only as long as they wear CE tag (), same as 10% other people get but just higher % for new lower level players.

    Donor effects seems a good marketing strategy to make people donate to server to enjoy same great beneftis they enjoyed when they were lower and new players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathDealer View Post
    You could have brought up this subject YEARS ago, but you didn't.
    He has been. Since ive been in the server, which is longer than 95% of the people here. He's been complaining about douches forever, never really specifying names but douches in general.
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