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    Trap Technician's Snare Skill

    I don't think the snare trap is working for trap technician. Been playing it all morning and people will walk right over where i laid my traps. The traps dont appear on screen either. (Correction. The trap works sometimes '1/5' and doesn't set off the voice for "It's a trap" or the noise a trap would normally make.)
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    Yeah ive watched you put them down and it doesnt look like it does shit

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    I am a witness of that.
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    I agree. I have been watching this all morning.

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    Yup, witnessed also

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    Is there a particular reason this was posted in the "General" sub forum and not the "Bugs" sub forum, out of curiosity?
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    my bad im just so used to posting to general i forgot there was a bug section. Ill transfer the post.

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    Moved to Bugs section.

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    Just looked in the server and the trap skill is working. It never had the sound on this race so I added it, but otherwise the guy was frozen in place with effects.

    edit - i see what you are on about. It doesn't work consistently. Just had it not work like 5 times in a row. I will dig into it later. The race file is old and just plain ugly.
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