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    Quote Originally Posted by joshtrav View Post
    Is this only on CSS or CSGO as well?
    this is on CSGO. Have not tested on CSS as its hard to do that with bots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshtrav View Post
    Is this only on CSS or CSGO as well?
    GO for sure.

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    Been working on this for a while now. They really goofed it up. The only alternative I have come up with is freezing a player, removing weapons, and blocking inputs. The problem with that is the sheer weight of it. Lots of server power. Why they would jack this up is beyond me.

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    This is a similar bug that insusceptibility used to give. You cannot even administrator kill them, however on the off chance that they get slapped for their sum hp it slaughters them.

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    this is difficult. They really goofed up the engine on this one. I can't seem to solve it so the full freeze abilities are pretty much gone. I am thinking maybe I can hook the user so they cant duck or jump, and remove all their weapons but that creates some difficulties as well.

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    what about fucking with friction or disarming them during the duration? maybe bury them?

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    Full freeze like bash or paralyze?

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    full freeze like when you eat a sandvich. Any skill using that.

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    Well I think the first assist to this problem would be disabling choke for now. It'll make sandvich a little broken but better than people having to honor system kill themselves or rejoin.

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    Unpopular opinion here. Why not remove sandvich until it is fixed. Currently the invincibility is being exploited. It is being used more for the exploit than the heal itself.

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