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    Quote Originally Posted by Asstr0naut View Post
    On top of the "eating abuse", specially by 2 guys, now some abuse by using ultimate when dead.
    Chocked on sandwich as Death Inferno and kept using it.
    Any demos? Screenshots? Other people on the server see it?

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    No demo. I was last player alive on the other team, we were about 12 players on the server.
    I told him twice to stop it, then 1 more time on next map. So other people saw it.
    Wouldn't be surprised if suddenly no one remembers, as I am the one talking about it though..
    and the guy is PrettyBoiLloyd, more than know for abusing all related to sandwich.

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    Fixed - ish.

    Asstr0naut +REP   

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    what's the -ish ?

    y Not -REP   

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    this kind of sh** giving negative rep just because you are an idiot is just stupid ..
    I asked something related with the topic, it's not like I posted some random sh** .. but hey..

    murdoc +REP    Winged Kitsune +REP    y Not -REP   

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    Thanks for the fix JT
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

    y Not +REP   

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    and again the idiot comes here just to downvote me .. I mean beggin for upvote is against the rules, but downvoting something that is related to the topic, it's just stupid. And you want to be admin.. lol

    y Not +REP   



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