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    Sandwich Choke does not kill you, but makes you unkillable.

    After the server was brought back up the Sandwich mechanic for choking broke and doesnt kill the player. They have to go to spectator to fix it.

    This is for CSGO not CSS.
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    So what happens when you choke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by murdoc View Post
    So what happens when you choke?
    Your character just sits there, unable to move or shoot or take any damage. Kill in console doesnt work, you have to go spectator.

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    This is the same bug that invulnerability used to give. You cant even admin slay them, but if they get slapped for their amount hp it kills them.

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    Ah yes, I came across this Thursday night with HughAssSmurf, was eating a sandvich so went to kill him, dealt 3k dmg and was like wtf?? then i got shot by someone else, but he was just stuck there.

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    i ate a couple sandv when i played today and couldnt get myself stuck like that, any ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christ View Post
    i ate a couple sandv when i played today and couldnt get myself stuck like that, any ideas
    I think it was race specific, if you go invlu while choking
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    You also go invuln whilst eating the sandwhich, moldy HS me twice whilst eating a sandv and i took no damage, only took damage after the sandv was over

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    Sorry to keep spamming, found another one that makes you invuln, Frost fiend eating a corpse is also invuln

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    Same happens for Wraiths ultimate, Both players cant die during it
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