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    Witchhunt against decent players

    So I have been on this server for 6 years as Fed_Up level 4000 something. However, a year ago I wanted to start over and start my account as LaTe or Sceptic which was level 1700, and I also wanted to hide my identity because I was bored and wanted to get a new player experience. Recently, my account for LaTe was banned because I was suspected of triggering but apparently I was turning it off and on and also I was suspected of walling.

    First, I want to provide an explanation for my "spontaneous" triggering. My aim is snappy because I play on this server for a long time and play competitively. The reason it is spontaneous is because my aim is inconsistent. I tend to aim better against players who run at normal csgo speed and stop when they fire. My aim is shitty when I play against knife races and players who spray and pray. Common Sense.

    Second, I want to explain my "supposed" walling. The reason why my aim looks like it was walling is because I preaim corners because that is what you are supposed to do. I also like to hold spray when I know someone is rushing me. I also like to spray through smoke, especially weirdly placed ones because it may be a zeus olympiad. Another reason why it might look suspicious is that I look at my radar frequently. The final reason might be game sense. Since I also play on this server for a long time as well as competitive, I am also able to predict the actions of opponents and I might prefire angles.

    The reason I want to make this post public instead of making a private appeal is because I think there is an issue in this server. There is a witch hunt against players of a decent level. I say decent level because it seems like players greater than gn4 are getting banned. My rank is average, GN4-MG1, which is an average rank. In fact, several people know my rank because I play with people on the server competitively. Furthermore, there are several players on the server that are better than me such as Nick, Murdoc, FireFly, Botanisk, the list goes on and on.

    Now back to the issue. If I am so bad at this game, why did I get banned? I think the issue is twofold. First, the regulars who play on this type of modded servers do not have experience with playing against higher level players- gn4 and above. So what causes the players on this server to have lower skills than average? Higher skilled players tend to not play on this modded server because they take this game more seriously. Instead, they play on vanilla on esea, on competitive, and on any community server outside of warcraft such as retakes or FFA deathmatches. Second, this server is really newbie friendly since you can just spray and pray and run around and easily get kills because of the high proc rates on skills and because of the fast movement speed. Third, probably a lot of good players are put off from playing if they are constantly threatened with bann and harassments.

    So how does the lack of experience lead to witch hunting. First, the regulars are not used to getting instant dinked and seeing players with game sense and using cover. If you hopped on any FFA deathmatch server and retake server, the common experience is a person getting instantly shit on because their enemies are pre aiming corners and flick headshotting people. Furthermore, in csgo there is an idea of peeker’s advantage which makes it seem like someone got headshotted by an opponent who is moving. Definition of Peeker’s advantage: "View interpolation delay gives a moving player a small advantage over a stationary player since the moving player can see his target a split second earlier." Compared this with the majority of the players on here that either tends to stand in the open or throwing their bodies at their enemies. They also cannot instant headshot people because they have poor flick aim and bad pre aim. This means most of the time you got a solid 2 seconds to kill a guy before they can kill you. This creates a false impression on the people here. They misconstrue an instant headshot as someone who is either using hacks or walling when in reality that is normal. Another reason why the lack of experience tends to call out cheats more is that they are also unable to distinguish if a player is legitimately skilled or just hacking. If you are more knowledgeable player, you can tell a skilled player based on their movements, they know the fastest movement pathways around the map and they do not clip themselves on walls. You can also tell if a player is good if he has good crosshair placement, his crosshair is glued on corners at headshot level and skip to the next corner due to muscle memory. Third, their spray tends to be decent like they know the spray patterns. Fourth, they might know techniques such as jiggling corners to bait awps shots. Lower rated players cannot use these knowledge to tell if a skilled player is legitimate. There is a reason why Botanisk rarely calls out players for hacks. To him, a gn4 looks like a scrub.

    Second, there is a high amount of ego in this server that is concentrated to a small minority of players, aka Shimeji. These players have a false impression of how good they are because of their lack of experience. You can tell by their lack of experience if they spend 80% of the game staring at random walls and at the ground. They might also have the belief that aiming at the body is a good thing since their recoil will get them a headshot. They do not know that you are supposed to aim for the head and then pull down. These players think they are fantastic players and any faults lie not within themselves but on external factors. They cry when they miss and either blame it on the server reg, or that there is a cover in front of their enemies which blocked the bullets. They cry when they get instant dinked or bested and blame it on cheats- wall hacks if they got game sense, random activation triggers if they got good aim.

    Story time. I will explain how I got banned. One day I was playing on this server and a player called Anois was killing everyone with and doing well. Not extremely well like 22 kills 9 deaths. He looked normal to me, maybe DMG. His aim looked above average. I knew he was not hacking based on his aim- he often misses-, he got above average movements, decent spray- he sometimes whiffs- and an above average crosshair placement. I heard Shimeji, as usual, calling someone better than him a cheater. I thought nothing of it because I thought it was innocent like how you call someone good a cheater as a sort of flattery or a joke. Other players joined in the harassment because of bandwagoning and they did not know better. He left when the map was over due to the harassment. A few maps later and it was Aztec, and the admin, Farmer John, showed up. Shimenji tells him that Anois was toggling off and on because he hit some nice shots. Talking about how he recorded him and that it was obvious hacks etc. Since I noticed that he was actually trying to get him banned and I was also subject to the same abuse, I called Shimenji out, saying he played like a bot and he lacked experience to detect hackers. I also called him out on his ego. Shimenji then starts saying I was hacking and that he had also recorded me. I asked Botanisk if he thought I was hacking. He, of course, said no. I then asked Botanisk if people here call out hacks too much. He agreed. Then I had a heated argument with Shimeji for a few maps not because I thought I was right but because I was defending myself since he accused me of hacking and threatened to get the admin to ban me. Some players joined in the bandwagon and also claimed I was hacking and generally harassing me.
    So a few days later I got banned. I was debating whether to appeal the case of just play on my alternate account and just forgive since I was not a confrontational person. I eventually decided to forgive and resumed playing on my main account Fed_Up. So earlier today, I was playing on again on Cache. Then Shimenji showed up and after I dicked on him a few times he accused me of hacking. At this point, I was angry and called him out on his bs. I told him how I was right that he was going to get an innocent player banned. I bring up the case- me. Then Shimenji accused me of hacking, a level 5000 player, a person that has been on this server for 6 years because of his precious ego. To make matters worse, Shimenji then called out that I created an alternate account to avoid being banned which was not true because this account is 6 years old. However, I can understand where he was coming from,so I tried to tell him that I was getting my old account appeal but he was not having any of it. So I am here now, trying to sort this mess out.

    So now I am going to present my proof: a clip of me playing Yesber Practice bots. In this clip, I show a control panel to show I do not have an externals. The clip also shows me booting up Counterstrike GO. In the video clip, I am using my phone to record my monitor so you can hear mouse clicks. In the Yesber Practice Bots, I got a 74 kpm which is average. Pros gets 140s kpm just search up some youtube videos. Excuse the background noise. Here is the unimpressive video:

    For the wall hack issue, I do not know how I can demonstrate that I do not have wall hacks. If you show me the demo, where I supposedly used wall hack, I can explain why I did the action that I did.

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    Damn that shimejii guy is an asshole. What a fucking jerkface, i bet he likes dolphins too.

    Botanisk Doesnt know who you are nor gives a flying fuck about you when you were on your LaTe Account :P And Last night i came on and you hit shots on me and i said as a joke Oof whered you buy them at? You then popped off about it being about how i call everyone a hacker. If i legit think a player is hacking, im not going to say anything until i have solid evidence against you to the point in which i know for sure. You then went off about how i got your other account banned, which peaked my interest and i found amusing that you were actually late. Since you Admitted to being LaTe, and since that ban went through the proper channels, you being on another account is Ban evasion = A permanent ban. Appeal if you wish, if you want to do so, Public stuff like this is just funny

    There are plenty of people on here that are better then me, i dont have an issue with that. Most of them Have tons more hours into CSGO and i find it fun to go against them. Going against Christ, Moldy, Bot, and the others is a good challenge and can be quite fun for me. You are not one of those players, and you never will be one of those players. I know im not the best player, i just enjoy playing with the people on the server and having fun. Also the reason i shoot the ground is because it hurts my knees IRL so i shoot it to get revenge.

    Going back to one of your points i talked about another player that i had my eye on but for the most part they were just a really good player. Only had found one oddity about them and didnt really get much more then that. I called you out after because at that point i already had the Proof on you ready to go. I do find it amusing how much i was able to get under your skin though

    To your point about I lack fundamental experience about how to aim and such and i dont know what to look for. For the better part of my CSS days (3k+ hours and being an admin on a diff server) i dealt with a ton of different type of hackers to the point i got fed up with it and got interested to see what each one looked like on youtube so i know what to look for. That got me into learning how certain hacks actually function, how they were made and what to specifically call them when dealing with hackers. There are always aiming patterns and different visual cues you can look for to spot anomalies, things that shouldn't happen or are just odd. Sometimes they are just one time things that its just due to server lag, client side, Game issue etc. But if you watch a player for long enough you can learn how they aim, what is natural and the way that they react to different situations. If a player all of a sudden changes and their aim becomes something that of a straight line fashion that can be a red flag. Perfectly straight lines in aiming is something that is damn near impossible to do over and over and over. Most good players have VERY smooth aim(Not straight lines), you can easily see where they are aiming and see quick reactions and such, this is not odd. Each tends to have their own set of patterns they follow, and there is always a bit of wobble and adjustment with aiming. Learning how players react and aim is just another pattern for me, and i am pretty good at pattern recognition. For me its interesting to learn how different hacks will affect different types of aiming, and how each has their own little pattern to look out for. Once i notice that pattern i tend to keep looking to see if that pattern repeats itself, or is an anomaly.

    My Ego? I mean I generally get mad at myself more so then i do the server, you just dont hear it. Sometimes i get csgo'd and i get annoyed, OOF woe is me that makes me a bad person. Yes People get mad when things they thought should have hit miss, i get annoyed when i thought i actually had lined up shots properly and they wiffed.

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    Sounds like all your quarrels are against him and not the server. You can say theres a witch hunt against decent players but that logic is lacking due to the fact majority of the players are gold ranked on this server, with the few outliers being near GE. You also dont see how few people actually go to admins over hackers or actually submit ban requests. If theres like an actual blatant spinbotter or whatnot, yea everyone calls admins because that takes 2 seconds to deal with. Most people who call hacks or what not really dont mean anything. I call the game trash and call everyone hackers, if I think someone actually hacks I sit and wait and get evidence. Precisely what he did and he got the vote.

    If the decent players were targeted, we'd have no playerbase. If you want to appeal your ban go for it. You're just upset you got caught.

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    Your long winded condescending monologue aside, you seem to have a pretty warped idea of how the bans on this server work. According to you, we just take on the word of anyone who says they are hacking and just ban them without hesitance. I think the fact that you are halfway decent at the game is kind of sad because you are actually cheating. This isn't some ego problem, dude. You're not so important that we feel we need to single you out completely. Wanna know why all those players who you said are better than you don't get an eye turned towards them? Because there's a huge difference in watching a demo of someone who actually is good at the game versus someone with an legitbot on. It's like.. SO obvious. Snap shots are snap shots, but the aim lock is something else completely and once you know what it looks like it's really hard not to spot it. Unfortunately yours were very obvious. Your misconceived notion that the people who pass judgment on you are people with no game knowledge or hours is also way off, just for the record.

    Like Slayer said, if you want to appeal your ban go ahead, but this long diatribe of why you're right and everyone else is wrong isn't really doing anything for you.
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    Sorry for being a forum noob, but, is there a way we can see the demo? I know it's already gone through the system, but I would be interested to see it

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    tbh, I've pointed out a few people that I was pretty sure were cheating in some way, whether it be aim assist or wall hacks, and the admins will always use their judgement and not mine. I'm a trash player but I know the mechanics of the game so it kinda sticks out a little if someone is aiming at the ground but pre-aims corners and pre-fires all of a sudden (especially on custom maps) but I digress... in your case, I doubt the admins banned you out of no where. although I don't know how the process works, but I believe before an admin types in the ban command they would be sure of it, or even ask for opinions from others.

    btw, your level does not mean anything in regards to being legit or not...

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    Never played with the guy, but youre acting like everyone in the csgo community outside of WCS are csgo gods lol, i think most people on the server have played outside of wcs, normally because its not everyday you find a server like this one. So that notion that everyone here are noobs who shelter themselves within WCS who hate you because youre better than them is laughable! But whatever dude keep trying!
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    StOrY TiMe

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    wait am I Farmer John?

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