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    Forum Name: ryo
    In-Game Name: ryo
    SteamID or link to gameME stats page: 01:1074674

    Bio: there are times I play with no admins on and quite a few "shady" people..

    Reason you would be a good admin: I am fair and consistent and hopefully have a good nose at sniffing out suspects

    btw I try to be consistent on the server but work gets in the way sometimes..

    also if no one upvotes me that means I got no juice.. damn..
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    Ryo has been part of CEG for a LONG time and I seen you around to know that would be a great fit. +1 from me.
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    I would also give Ryo a +1. He's been around for many many years and is a very cool headed person who's very easy to get along with in game! You'd make a great addition to the staff
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    he's a nice guy who probably knows the game better than me +1

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    +1 cause y not.
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    any one here who better know about this game here inbox me please

    shimejii -REP   

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    +1 for Ryo if he does not talk about Politics.

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    +1 Well respected guy in the community. Been here for a long time and I believe he will be a great fit for the team.

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    hes trash

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    He might be bad at the game, but for all its worth I +1 for him.



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