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Thread: Favorite map?

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    Mirage is my favorite map in normal CS:GO, but I on CE I have to go with Italy and Aztec for sure

    ratpatrol +REP    Lhipeix +REP   

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    I cant aim so I like de_office

    ratpatrol +REP    Hanzii +REP   

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    Ruins, office and agency

    TheGoldenOne +REP   

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    i go for canals and prodigy!
    i wish some more maps would be on. a change of maps could be good

    Hanzii +REP   

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    Definitely Agency and nothing else.

    Hanzii +REP    TheGoldenOne +REP   

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    My favorite is de_arcade. That's why it is lovely that we have both de_arcade and de_arcade_v2 in the map pool. The only difference being the skybox

    TheGoldenOne +REP   

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    my favorite is de_toscan and de_nuke_night. the nuke map and an excellent map for competition and tuscan and from the old css

    Anuanu +REP   

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    My favourite map is dust 2))



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