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Thread: Favorite map?

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    Favorite map?

    So guys, as title says, what is your favorite map from a server's map pool? Got 2 favorites, de_belukha and de_icewerk.
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    top number one is Prodigy!!

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    Westwood and ruins

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    probably office and agency.. mainly because they're small and the rounds are quick. not to mention they attract more people as well..

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    My favorite map was and always will be the Simpsons Map when the server had it. Wish there were some good LEGO Maps.

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    My favorite map is de_dust2 in cs

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    likely office and office.. for the most part since they're little and the rounds are brisk. also they pull in more individuals too..

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    i would say cbble or secret camp
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    likely office and office.. primarily on the grounds that they're little and the rounds are snappy. also they pull in more individuals too.

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    cbble_final (old 1.6) map :>

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