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Thread: Quarantine

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    How are you spending your quarantine?

    zBrackeT +REP   

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    unfortunately I am still working... but I was spending more time in the gym until they closed them all back down again. now it's back to more gaming since home workouts suck

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    I have done my Quarantine now I'm start working again

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    I thought this was about Quarantine

    Hurtydwarf +REP   

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    Click bait

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    lamentably I am as yet working... however, I was investing more energy in the exercise center until they shut them all down once more. presently it has returned to all the more gaming since home exercises suck

    zBrackeT +REP   

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    Who else thought this was gonna be about the player?

    TheGoldenOne +REP   

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    it is a good thing to keep a cool head when the quarantine is here but im with my parents and playing my games when im not outdoors

  9. I try to spend more time doing sports away from people, so as not to get fat while working from home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoldyBread View Post
    Who else thought this was gonna be about the player?
    I thought quarantine was up to no good




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