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    newest Bugs Medic, FInal Fantasy etc

    so now u cant heal your teammates anymore, also when u hit them it shows ( ur damaged a teammate) so final Fantasy with the knife to heal doesnt work and also medic, thats the ones i tried .

    Curryman +REP   

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    Yea, last update probably fucked that up. Teammates are still not solid but when you hit them, it says you attacked a teammate.
    Type DM to have big pepe.

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    Yes, it seems any melee or shooting based heal is not working atm.

    Curryman +REP   

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    Yea, last update likely messed that up. Partners are as yet not strong but rather when you hit them, it says you assaulted a colleague.

    Curryman +REP   

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    BOTanisk +REP   



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