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Thread: COD: Cold War

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    COD: Cold War

    I know half the people here despise cod for whatever reason, but for the other half who is hyped for this game?

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    I dont get hype for games anymore because I've been let down too many times. If Cold War is done properly, it could really continue the black ops story and make it even better. I didnt like how BO4 didnt have a campaign so hopefully they dont mess this up.

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    This cod time stamp is set after bo1, and there will be zombies

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    the story of cold war seems interesting.. especially if they use clips of real events

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    Cant afford to fill a whole hard drive for a game where pc multiplayer will die after half a year again

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    I wouldn't say hyped but interested to see it. Only game I am hyped for is Cyberpunk

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    COD games and Activision are just Trash imo. They are the Madden/Fifa of shooters. Barely anything changes for a new 60$ every 10 months, for about 2 hours of playing and a shitty Multiplayer experience without an anti cheat system. The sooner Activision dies and is forced to sell off its IPS and companies the better, maybe then these companies will actually release a fun intuitive game thats not rinse repeat trash, until then i wont be excited for anything COD related.

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    I don't play FPS games for the story (minus maybe Borderlands which isn't a good story anyway) for me it's all multiplayer. And I really liked Modern Warfare on my PS4 before I got my PC back. Then everytime I got free time to play I had another 50gb update. Which is fucking retarded. Since I'm playing CS again and on PC I have no want or need to spend money on a game that will fade into black in less than a year when the next CoD comes out. But Modern Warfare was fun for like 3 weeks. *shrug*

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    Not really sure about how to feel about it.. Always played CoD, back from World at War to Modern Warfare.. Haven't had the same fun as I did in ages. Same rinse and repeat bullshit, and along with the 100GB updates every week.. Hard to get high hopes for a company that just puts out the same shit every 6 months..

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    My first impressions of this game so far is that it looks amazing, I like the kill time and the maps look good so far. I can't wait to see how Warzone turns out and Zombies aswel.

    Some people are saying it feels like Modern Warfare and Black Ops 1 combined.

    Here's some game play.



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