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    Lol @ future wanna be admin
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

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    Lol @ me being retarded

    "Well done. Here are the test results: You are a horrible person. I'm serious, that's what it says: 'A horrible person.' We weren't even testing for that."


    Hidden Content Originally Posted by Calahan Hidden Content
    omg ynot and mango are the best gayversion of cheech and chong Hidden Content
    but unfortunately only second place @ gayawards 2014

    ratpatrol -REP    Catharsis -REP   

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    Hey guys wanna bless my day with some rep? Ill bless you back

    y Not +REP    ratpatrol -REP    zenworm +REP   

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoldyBread View Post
    Hey guys wanna bless my day with some rep? Ill bless you back
    Sounds like "Its a trap" @ Admiral Ackbar

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  5. In general, the phrase "I bless you back" sounds very arrogant.

    ratpatrol -REP    Catharsis -REP    zBrackeT +REP    zenworm +REP   

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    I would like some rep

    MoldyBread +REP    Catharsis -REP    zenworm +REP    TheGoldenOne +REP   

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    There ya go Naido

    ratpatrol +REP    Catharsis -REP    xSlayerx +REP   

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    You get some rep, and you get some rep, everybodies getting some rep.

    ratpatrol -REP    zBrackeT +REP   

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    TheGoldenOne +REP    zBrackeT +REP    Devil kid +REP    zenworm +REP   

  10. Probably, he has already blessed many people.

    ratpatrol -REP   



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