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    I don't understand how one can play like a douche. I mean isn't it most people's objective in playing csgo wcs to play well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catharsis View Post

    Casual 3K AWP Shot!! GET SOME SON!!
    One of the nicest shots ive ever seen!


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    Look at that beautiful clutch on office.. nearly gave me a hard on..


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    Quote Originally Posted by MoldyBread View Post

    I'm a silver so that means I must play like a silver. Casual 42 kill game
    Not many people play Awp aggressively.. You trying to be the next s1mple?


    Devil kid +REP   

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    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

    Devil kid +REP   

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    Moldy you're stuck in silver, cmon buddy

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    I got to gold 2 hehe

    Asstr0naut +REP   



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