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    The Death of Forums.

    Despite the great amount work that was done to create this forum, the use of forums in general started to decline a decade ago.
    Im sure there are still enough active trust worthy people to migrate it over to a platform such as discord that is more readily used, increasing player involvement and visibility dramatically.

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    We've had a cegamer discord for a while, cant say I see many people using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurtydwarf View Post
    We've had a cegamer discord for a while, cant say I see many people using it.
    Yea, people just joined and it remained silent...
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    Creating a discord is not creating content to fill it. A house needs some love in order to become a home. I can't do anything about it, I'm just a little guy. Need some big strong heads of Cegamer to come in and decorate a little bit.

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    Then give ideas instead of just telling us to do something? Cath came in with a whole bunch of ideas and within the day I did a facelift on the discord and added a bunch. I cant force people to go on there and interact, if you guys dont drive yourself to go on there then nothing will happen. The problem is we've lost a lot of our community to people leaving school and growing families so they cant spend their time here.

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    I did, migrate the forums to discord.
    After that we can then come up with community events, bots and other things to revitalize interaction.

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    And what will migrating the forums do? Cant really see any use to it
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    How will we migrate individual threads like races, masteries, different discussion threads? How will JT manage payments, how will we manage ban submissions/appeals? Us admins also have side stuff we can access here. Swapping to discord will do nothing beneficial. You guys already dont use it, forcing jank onto the discord wont help.

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    I honestly forgot we had a Discord server after I joined it, so...That's how little anyone actually uses it.

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    I wasnt around for the birth of the idea of rep races, but maybe if it was advertised more in the server, it would bring users in and get them using the forums?

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