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    Everything maxed : new incentives


    So I maxed every unlocked races (except RepRaces) and I was thinking of new incentives to continue progression.

    - Allow buying missing races with bankXP. Easier with donator, it'll incentivize people to donate to amass bankXP.
    It will also allow newish players to unlock late races with some grind (an incentivize donator).
    Either a fixed amount of bank XP per races, or an increasing one depending on required level / rep points.

    - If previous item implemented : Rotd bonus : Store x% of gained XP while on ROTD while on maxed Races in WCBank.

    - Race Mastery : On level 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 ... allow a small bonus on the race : small extra damage, speed, invisibility ..
    Maybe a shopmenu in "Mastery" category, unlocked by required level. One item per bonus or a single item with random effects.
    Make it somewhat costly to avoid item whoring.

    What's your opinion on this ?

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    Terrible idea, Lets have a Phase Stalker with even more speed. How can I flame this harder?

    zBrackeT +REP    y Not +REP    Winged Kitsune +REP   

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    If you have a phase level 50, then you're a douche.
    No mastery will prevent you being a douche.

    "[...] even more speed" : Phase is OP, everyone knows it. This topic is irrelevant to that debate

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    I like the idea of buying races with bank xp but I don't get why you should get rewarded for whoring races?
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    You know, I'm talking about small bonuses.
    5% extra speed, 5 extra damage, 15% invis.
    That kind of things.

    Just some kind of reward for going an extra step.

    I understand that it could encourage whoring.
    But you know, if you play a strong race on low pop or mastering an OP one, it's not the small bonus that will make you a better (or worse player).

    Some way to reward perseverance

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    We've got an entire area about masteries, typically we try to make masteries not super beneficial like pure stat increases, it would make a lot of races even significantly stronger. They also vary per race because the race max is different per race, so you couldnt just have steady increments.

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    strongly against incremental stat increases. good fucking lord

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    Id say buying races just removes alot of drive for progression.
    You can still whore GG or Medic and lvl up all your races, dont see a need to make it any faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    Id say buying races just removes alot of drive for progression.
    You can still whore GG or Medic and lvl up all your races, dont see a need to make it any faster.

    I can understand the want for something else to progress towards. I'd like to see an option to reset your account to level 0 and gain some sort of benefit from that. Perhaps base the benefit off whatever your total level(or % maxed) was at time of reset.

    What those benefits should be is another story.. I think a large XP buff would be good, beyond that I have trouble deciding on things. I'm pretty against making the vets of the server even stronger vs newer players.

    Personally I'd be ok with lvl 0 and +100% xp, but I think I'm a minority there?

    TheGoldenOne +REP   

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    New incentive for a douche like yourself is to go play something else. That would be great for everyone involved.
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

    zBrackeT +REP   



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