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    Contest begins 10/28/2020 and ends 11/12/2020 12:00AM server time.
    It is important to understand that if you are not registered on the forums, and steam linked you will not be able to earn tickets, hats or races.
    You can verify that you are steam linked in game by typing myaccount. This command will also link and activate (Steam or Donor) your account in-game without requiring a reconnect.
    To see your current ticket totals and the top 30 ticket holders of you can type tickets in-game.

    We have had a few folks asking how they can be sure if they are steam linked. The easiest method is to log in to the website and check for the yellow ribbon, just below the logo that says "Link Your SteamID"

    Rewards are all dropped with a floating pumpkin in game. However, when the item drops different sounds will be played based on the item.
    • "weapons/party_horn_01.wav" - Hats
    • "ui/bonus_alert_start.wav" - Races
    • "ui/coin_pickup_01.wav" - Extra Ticket

    You can type play <sound> in the format listed above to hear these in-game so you know.

    If you already have access to the Hat or Race that drops, you will still see the present but be awarded a ticket instead.
    If you do not have access, if you get the kill you will be given 5 seconds to obtain the present before everyone else is also able.

    • Witch
    • Freddy

    • Available via the settings menu, in the "Special" section.
    • You will see all special items available, and only able to select them if you have gotten the appropriate item.
    • In the future we plan to have a slew of wearable items, to include back pieces and whatever else I can muster up.

    • Tickets can be earned 3 ways
      • Actively playing - 2 tickets per minute
      • 30% chance to drop a present containing a ticket on kill
      • Staying in spectating - 1 ticket per minute; while some people have complained about this, it raises our numbers which always raises our active players, so we welcome the idea of having spectators sit in the server
    • At the end of the contest, each player's ticket count will be added to the pool. So if player A has 50 tickets, and player B has 10 tickets, when we select 3 random tickets player A has a better chance of selection, but player B still gets a chance.
    • This model provides for more chances for our less active players to still get an item

    Each ticket drawn will be given some sort of e-gift card.
    Amounts available are:
    • $25
    • $15
    • $10

    If I forgot anything feel free to post questions here. Finally, you can access this post at any time in game by typing Contest.

    Snugglebutt +REP    Hurtydwarf +REP    Elrichzann +REP    Karlislad +REP   

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    Thanks JT
    Race whores are pussys. Douches are race whores. Douches suck. Enjoy your day.

    Elrichzann +REP    Karlislad +REP    Echlipse +REP   

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    Thanks JT

    Echlipse +REP   

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    Thanks JT

    Hanzii +REP    xSlayerx +REP    Echlipse +REP   

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    Loving the event so far. Thank you for showing some TLC to this awesome server.

    ratpatrol +REP    xSlayerx +REP    Echlipse +REP   

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    me to finally got the witch this event only 2 left need to wait to valentine event comes

    xSlayerx +REP    ratpatrol +REP   

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    thumbs up for more events

    Lhipeix +REP   

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    Does anyone know which hats will be dropping from this event? (I know oni and darkness do)

    ratpatrol +REP    Echlipse +REP   

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    if I don't win its all rigged lol !!!

    Lhipeix +REP    Echlipse +REP   



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