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Thread: games next year

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    games next year

    any1 know what games to buy next is somethink worth buying or try out im open to somethink new

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    My next purchase is going to be either Destiny 2 beyond light (expansion) or Zelda age of calamity (Hyrule Warriors).

    If you have a switch, the mario 3d (all stars i think it is) is a good nostalgia purchase!

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    Cyberpunk 2077.

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    yes cyberpunk im waiting for

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    Quote Originally Posted by dewellness View Post
    If you have a switch, the Mario 3d (all-stars I think it is) is a good nostalgia purchase!
    Could not have put that better myself. Oh wait! XD

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    I'm really looking forward to Super Mario 3D World being ported to the Switch in February with additional content. I have that pre-ordered at Best Buy already.

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    I am waiting for Bravely Default 2 in February and this supposedly new Mario Golf game to be confirmed. Both the Switch.

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    cyberpunk 2077 definitely is worth buying.

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    I don't know about next year but this year AC Valhalla is something.



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