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    mobile device

    hi boys thinking i want to buy a new mobile phone someone who can
    recommend a good one I have a samsung galaxy s9 plus but it has some bad scratches on the screen eventually so it's time to get a new one

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    Sounds like you're an Android user. In that case, the new device 'Galaxy Note20' would be a good option. In a lot of cases, it's easier to know what to choose based on what you use your phone for. With scratches on your current one, you may want a nice case on whatever you get. I personally use iPhones and have the iPhone 7 (I know behind the times). I heard a lot of good things about the iPhone 12.

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    ahh i see yea android is what im using

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    Galaxy note s20 ultra 5G ez!
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    I am using galaxy s10, works great. Been using iPhone for 2 years, never coming back. Charging it twice a day wasnt fun lol. Galaxy notes are great, only problems with them is that they are big. If you prefer smaller ones, galaxy s10 fits in my hands perfectly but it's over a year old...
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    I have the iphone SE that came out this January.. one of the best things that came in 2020 for sure..


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    i have iphone 12



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