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    THE Top 10 OP LIST

    so, since im sick of people crying about me playing Samus Aran, or succubus, or counter Father Time on lvl 135 with my barbara on Lvl 24
    id like to make a Most OP Top 10 List. we put together what we think is to OP to play on Low Pop. ( Low Pop, less then 8 Players)
    i start with what i consider to Op, and we keep discusting it until we have a decent list.
    i mean we cant put out rules, but a reason to call someone a douche

    1. Phasestalker
    2. Death inferno
    3. security Exploiter
    4. koffing
    5. Fable

    jameson +REP   

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    Depends on situation... And I do not have a top10 list, I could only give you a list of races that are too strong/op to me
    Type DM to have big pepe.

    Lhipeix +REP    Hanzii +REP    Hurtydwarf +REP   

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    thats what i mean, so we players can get on the same page about whats just wrong and whats ok

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    There really wont ever be an ok and not ok list. People have more trouble dealing with different races than others. It also depends on whos playing the race. Some people can be absolute trash. The average person blows at KJ, then give someone like Lillard KJ and it makes people leave. It also depends on who has what unlocked. Some people have more counter races unlocked than others. This really comes down to not destroy server pop and ruin people's fun.

    TheGoldenOne +REP   

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    I think Radigun and Jack Ryan are very good on low pop. In general it is a very big advantage to play fast races on low pop, as it is much easier to utilize the entire map. Especially fast races that can use the AK

    Also we can't make a low pop race list without Wolverine!

    Hurtydwarf +REP   



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