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Thread: Server Pop

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    Quote Originally Posted by murdoc View Post
    how u like santa?
    Since I found out how extra damage on santa nades work, I started to love it lol
    Type DM to have big pepe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnhandyNametag View Post
    Unfortunately I don't foresee any updates outside of break/fix and copy/paste contests until a new Counter Strike comes out... even then who knows really.
    No way of telling, honestly. If a new Counter Strike does come out eventually, which seems unlikely at this point, there's no telling if JT will move the mod there. Considering both the Source and GO servers are practically dead most of the time, I don't see that as being likely. It could happen though.

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    Valve will start making a new game that involves skins once CSGO loses value and makes no more money cause why make new games when you make money by doing practically nothing



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