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Thread: Server Pop

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    Server Pop

    Holy Hell! Is that a scroll bar on the scoreboard?! Haven't seen one of them in a minute

    this contest is bringing lots of folks in!

    server pop.png

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    Also nuke_night was a map where this happened, lol
    SANTA RACE.jpg

    literally 5 seconds
    Type DM to have big pepe.

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    Haha yeah man that was awesome! I'd give you rep but it says I have to spread it around first lol

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    this is how the csgo server use to be everyday before the contests, then...something happened...
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    The good old days when the server was actually full without a contest going on. Guess people just ran out of time for the server outside of holidays or vacations.

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    Donator slots were handy. The novelty of cs:go has gone more than available time id say. Difficulty now is trying to keep the few new players we do get, rather than drawing in the old players. Lower pop means they die more often and faster and wait till the round is over. Its nice to see 20+ players, it would be nice to see it last beyond the holidays tho.

    Might be worth it to throw a map thats DM only on and see how often it gets played and who plays it. I hate DM, but it sure makes new players feel like they are getting a chance to do something.

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    IMO, people just get burned out of WCS all day especially over the years. I know that what I looked forward to during the day was playing on the source server after school/work... but now I just want to chill out and maybe play for an hour when the server is slightly populated.

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    Well, what about adding something refreshing then? I remember this pop from few years back, different maps, different players... Maybe add new maps? New races? There is plenty of both suggested somewhere on forums... Or at least fix bugs (not talking about typos, "Banked Maxed" makes me laugh every time I spawn, as well as other typos)
    Type DM to have big pepe.

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    Unfortunately I don't foresee any updates outside of break/fix and copy/paste contests until a new Counter Strike comes out... even then who knows really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenOne View Post
    Also nuke_night was a map where this happened, lol
    SANTA RACE.jpg

    literally 5 seconds
    how u like santa?



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