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    M4A1 with silencer for races like Ultimate Warrior and Paladin

    For races that give you an M4 like Ultimate Warrior, is there any way to have it give you the M4A1-S version so people with awesome silencer skins can enjoy them?

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    I am for this idea it lacks a lot of race with a silent m4 for people who prefer to play it

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    I *think* at one point there was a thread about races that were restricted to variants amongst some other things to open them up to other guns on top of variants.

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    The thing is though they are 2 different guns, I would think it would be one thing if it was just a skin thing, but its not.

    Its like giving a Paladin a samurai sword instead of a broadsword or mace.
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    I remember races that give you the M4A1-S instead of the A4.. but ever since myguns was removed from normal play it has been defaulted to M4A4... even though some races say M4A1-S...

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